Creating Smiles with Style: The Ascend SL™ Bracket

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Creating Smiles with Style: The Ascend SL™ Bracket

The Ascend SL™ Brackets are the newest innovation to self-ligation. Manufactured with the latest in hybrid ceramic and laser technology, Ascend SL™ is a hybrid polymer which is less brittle over standard ceramic brackets. It is also metal free and offers a true balance of strength and durability to deliver brilliant full aesthetics. Ascend SL™ has reliable mechanical retention for bonding, repositioning, & debonding. The fast and efficient treatment uses ultra-low friction and optimal sliding mechanics. Opening and closing are also effortless in supporting quick wire changes with no special instrument required. Ascend SL™ is smooth with fully polished surfaces for exceptional patient comfort. This adds to the long list pros of this beautiful bracket.

The Five Star Mega wires are an excellent choice with this self-ligating system to achieve that broad Hollywood smile. We also offer a full line of aesthetic wires, open coil, ligature ties, and Koby ties to compliment this beautiful bracket system. Don’t forget to add your stop locks or crimpable stops to prevent wires from shifting while using a self-ligating system.

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