Five Star Orthodontics Year-End Clearance 2023

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Five Star Orthodontics Year-End Clearance 2023

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As the year comes to a close, Five Star Orthodontic Lab and Supply is thrilled to announce its eagerly awaited Year-End Clearance Event! With a legacy spanning over three decades, Five Star has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the orthodontic community, delivering unwavering quality and consistency. This is the perfect time for your practice to stock up on premium supplies and ensure the best quality for your patient care.

Five Star Orthodontics is kicking off the celebration with exclusive deals to benefit your practice. Brackets are on a mega sale, with discounts reaching up to 35%! There’s a cascading discount system—20% off for 5 sets, 25% off for 10 sets, and a whopping 35% off for 20 sets (limited availability). But that’s not all; delve into Deal #2 for a generous 15% off instruments, and Deal #3 introduces a buy 3 get 1 free offer on archwires. Last but not least, Deal #4 presents a fantastic 25% off on solitaires, the orthodontic auxiliaries designed for reduced frictional binding forces. Gear up for the year ahead with these unbeatable offers.

Featured Brackets: Explore the latest innovations in brackets at Five Star Orthodontics, where precision meets comfort.

  1. Nova Self Ligating: Boasting the lowest profile in self-ligating brackets, Nova ensures patient comfort with an ultra-smooth surface and rounded corners. Its secure 90° clip slot and convenient ball hooks make it a go-to choice for orthodontic practitioners. Colored ID marks and laser-marked bases simplify bracket identification.
  2. Five Star Ceramics: For a natural aesthetic, choose fully translucent brackets made from pure polycrystalline alumina. Strong, resistant to breakage, and designed for precise fit and movement, Five Star Ceramics brackets offer enhanced patient comfort with contoured auxiliary hooks.
  3. Nickel Light Mini Twin: Ideal for nickel-sensitive patients, these brackets, made with MIM technology, are 30% smaller than conventional ones. They offer precise torque and angulation, ensuring accurate placement. The 100 mesh micro-etched base ensures maximum retention, reducing the chances of loose brackets.

Versatile Archwires: Revolutionize your treatment approach with Five Star Orthodontics’ range of archwires.

  1. Multi Modulus Archwires: Offering three distinct heat-activated forces, these archwires maintain superior shape integrity. Tailored for effective tooth movement in specific regions, they cater to the varying needs of the anterior, bicuspid, and posterior regions.
  2. Niti Archwire
  3. s: Experience excellent shape memory and resilience with ultra-resilient Niti wires. Perfect for leveling, aligning, torque, and rotation control, these wires are your versatile ally in various stages of treatment.
  4. Beta CNA Archwires: Boasting twice the elastic movement of stainless steel, Beta CNA archwires offer greater formability and tooth-moving distance. Replace your stainless steel wires for enhanced elasticity, ductility, and patient comfort.

View the full list of archwires. 

Innovative Solitaires: Discover the power of low-friction technology with Five Star Orthodontics’ Solitaires. Designed to reduce frictional binding forces in orthodontic auxiliaries, these FDA-approved, medical-grade polyurethane sticks deliver uniform continuous force, significantly reducing treatment times.

Shop solitaires. 

Featured Instruments: Equip your practice with precision instruments from Five Star Orthodontics.

  1. Narrow Tip Mathieu-Style Needle Holder: Featuring serrated tips and a positive locking ratchet for instant opening and closing, this needle holder is indispensable for ligating.
  2. Flush Cut Distal End Cutter: Intraorally cut archwires with precision, thanks to this cutter. The wide spring steel clip ensures the wire is held securely throughout the cut, making it ideal for use within the patient’s mouth.
  3. Molar Band Seater: A multi-purpose seater with a hardened stainless steel tip, this instrument is also an autoclavable molded handle, serving as a convenient bite stick.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your practice with high quality products from Five Star Orthodontics! Stock up on top-tier supplies, embrace cutting-edge technology, and embark on the new year with confidence. Five Star Orthodontics remains your trusted lab and supply partner, delivering consistent quality and innovation for over 30 years.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our consultative approach connect with our team: (800) 521-2351 |

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