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Meet the Owners

Watch our “Meet the Owners” Video

Meet Bobby Middle and Jeff Loch owners of Five Star Orthodontic Laboratory and Supply. Five Star Orthodontic Lab and supply has been servicing the Orthodontic community for over 30 years!

We serve the Dental and orthodontic community through our consultative approach. Whether you need help picking out appliances and/or deciding which is the right appliance to serve that patient we are here to help.

Our main purpose is to make sure you do better Orthodontics!

Many of our employees, in the lab or supply departments, have office experience and bring that expertise to the day to day at Five Star. Just one of the many reasons we can add value to your practice.

We are one of the top labs in ortho specializing all things ortho, sleep, airway and more.

In addition, we have our own aligner series, an entire digital department and years of experience to help you find the best product for your patient.

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