Orthodontic Tips for Musicians

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Orthodontic Tips for Musicians

Overall Oral Health and Hygiene

Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean as they are not as crowded as misaligned teeth can be.  Your treatment ensure that your patient’s jaw bones, facial bones and teeth are all optimally positioned which will make eating, speaking, and even sleeping easier. Avoiding orthodontic treatment could cause the patient to need more extensive, more expensive dental treatment in the future, which could also affect their playing. It can be helpful to remind your patient that misalignment can lead to more wear on tooth enamel which could result in damage or even eventual loss of teeth. For most, the minor, temporary inconvenience of orthodontics would outweigh risk of future dental issues.


Your patient could become a stronger player because of it!

Most woodwind and brass players will find some relief by adjusting their technique when playing. Placing less pressure on the lips, while using stronger breath support seems to be the most effective way of avoiding pain while playing. Playing in this way can actually lead to greater stamina and air control, which is a great thing for the instrumentalist. Even after the braces are removed, the musician will have stronger breath support because of the new habits he/she has built. Many musicians also benefit from the new sense of confidence they feel once they see their post-ortho smile!


Using Lip Protector Covers

Aside from making your own adjustments, patients can use lip protectors to prevent pain while playing. The lip protector creates a barrier between the brackets and the inside of the mouth, so when the instrument presses on the lips, they will be pressing against a smooth layer of thin plastic instead of pressing against brackets. You can check out the link to see what the lip protectors look like and order some for your patients:

Check out lip protectors in the Five Star Shop. 

Alternative Treatments to Braces

The traditional method of using brackets and wires is not the only option for orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are very commonly used now and could be a suitable alternative to braces. At Five Star, our philosophy is to first expand the patient’s arch and then align the teeth. The expanders are removable so patients can easily take them out to practice or perform. Once more room is created within the mouth, you can begin to reposition your patient’s teeth with the aligners and will be less likely to need to use extraction or interproximal reduction to achieve the movement you want. The aligners are also completely smooth and carry no risk of pinching or scratching the tissue within your mouth and lips.

Five Star Orthodontic Lab and supply has been servicing the Orthodontic community for over 30 years! We are here to be a resource for your practice. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can be a support on your ortho cases contact us today. 

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Raven Trahan
Supplies Product Consultant

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