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Sassouni Plus

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to send to have a ceph analysis done?

You must send a lateral ceph x-ray and an Rx or instructions including the following information:
Doctor name
Patient name
Patient gender
Patient DOB
Type of tracing: Sassouni Plus, Rondeau, Bimler
What services you require: Would you like the tracing only, or tracing with interpretation 

If I want an interpretation, what else do I need to send?

You must send in models if you request an interpretation. A panorex and any other profile pictures are also very helpful, but not required. If the patient is in an orthotic, please let us know and provide a little background information (i.e., is the patient out of pain, is the orthotic fixed or removable, how long have they been in the orthotic, etc.). Also, please let us know if you would like us to hold the models here or send them back to your office after the interpretation is completed.

How do I submit my ceph and Rx?

You have several options. Either mail it to Five Star, email it to ceph@fivestarortho.com with an Rx or upload it to your patient’s folder on Box.com. If you upload cephs to Box.com or the portal, please include an Rx. If using Box.com don’t forget to assign us a task.

How do I make sure I’m sending in a good ceph?

In the ceph, the image should include the patient’s anatomy from the tip of the chin all the way up to the hairline. The patient’s soft tissue profile AND the tissue inside the skull must be visible as well. Please make sure that the patient is in CO – their teeth need to be together in their natural bite. We also need a mm gauge or some type of measuring device in the ceph in order to calibrate the image to the correct size on the computer.

What is your turnaround time?

3-5 business days for ceph analysis only.
7 business days for ceph analysis and interpretation.
If you send impressions instead of models, please allow 1 to 2 days to do the full analysis and interpretation.

How do you return the analysis results back to me?

We will return the ceph analysis results in .png format via email. Please provide us with an email address if you are mailing in or uploading to the portal. If an interpretation is requested, we will return the results via email in Word format.

Have Any Questions?

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