Five Star Quick Tips: Triad Gel

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Five Star Quick Tips: Triad Gel

Triad Gel is a great alternative to bracket adhesive for occlusal buildups/incisor blocks. The pink color of the resin makes the bite turbo easy to see during placement/removal. Its transparency shows the occlusal surface through the turbo. Triad Gel typically costs much less than bracket adhesive. It’s best to keep this product in the refrigerator until right before use to keep a thick viscosity for easy molding and longer working time.

The easiest way to add occlusal blocks with this product is to wipe tooth with cotton roll or a 2×2, air dry tooth thoroughly, apply Transbond plus self-etching primer (Lollipop), gentle air burst 1-2 seconds, apply Triad gel to occlusal surface of tooth & use the micro-brush from the Lollipop to form the occlusal block, then light cure. It may be necessary to air cool the Triad Gel because it warms up during the curing process. You can always adjust occlusal blocks with a handpiece for patient comfort. If you need to add to the occlusal block simply air dry, apply Lollipop, add Triad, shape, and light cure.

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