Five Star’s Newest Bracket: The Nova SL

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Five Star’s Newest Bracket: The Nova SL

Five Star is proud to introduce our lowest profile self-ligating bracket system, the Nova Brackets! The ultra-smooth surface and rounded corners provide exceptional patient comfort! The door is designed with a 90-degree clip slot that provides a secure locking mechanism. It is simple to open. Place the Nova self-ligating tool into the slot and twist to open. The bracket is then closed with the tool or your finger.


Nova Brackets come with ball hooks in the cuspids and bicuspids and also have an available hook slot in each bracket. This is great for sliding mechanics with self-ligating brackets, and it’s also good if you have to place anterior box elastics. Therefore, rather than placing a Koby hook, you can just place a ball hook into whichever bracket you need. Each bracket is also color ID’d on the distal gingival wing. It has a laser-marked base that tells you which bracket is for which tooth.


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