October 2023 Savings

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October 2023 Savings

Kickoff October Savings

We believe in rewarding our valued dental partners with unbeatable deals every month. In the spirit of October, we’re excited to present our special promotions that will enhance your orthodontic practice. This month, take advantage of our exclusive offers: Buy 5 Packs of Wires and Get 20% Off, Buy 5 Chains or Solitaire Packs and Get 20% Off, and enjoy a 20% discount on instruments when you buy 5.

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Product Highlights


Discover orthodontic precision with our comprehensive range of archwires at Five Star Orthodontic Lab and Supply. Crafted from the highest quality materials and utilizing cutting-edge technology, our archwires offer exceptional strength, resilience, and precise control in orthodontic treatments. Tailored to meet diverse patient needs, our archwire selection ensures optimal tooth movement and alignment. Trust Five Star for archwires that deliver superior outcomes and transform smiles with confidence. During the month of October, you can save 20% when you buy 5 packs of wires!

Chains & Solitaires

Explore our top-tier orthodontic solutions for chains and solitaires. This month you can maximize your savings by purchasing 5 packs of chains or solitaires and enjoying a 20% discount.

Our chains, composed of super-elastic, long-lasting material, provide continuous, gentle force for predictable tooth movement. The thin wall design facilitates easy ligation under tie wings, ensuring efficient application.

Our solitaires, developed with ‘low friction technology,’ are meticulously crafted using FDA-approved medical-grade polyurethane. These latex-free, odorless, and tasteless solitaires deliver a uniform continuous force over an extended period, significantly reducing treatment times. With their innovative hydrothermal surface modification, our solitaires offer lasting slipperiness, enhancing orthodontic efficiency. Available in packs of 42 sticks, containing 22 solitaires per stick, these products exemplify our dedication to high-quality orthodontic supplies.


Revamp your orthodontic toolkit with Five Star Instruments, proudly made in the USA and now available at a 20% discount for the month of October.

Discover the pinnacle of precision and efficiency with Five Star Ortho’s exceptional range of instruments. Crafted with quality and durability in mind, our instruments are designed to streamline orthodontic procedures, making them efficient and effective. From versatile Mathieu-style needle holders with serrated tips to our popular distal end cutters that ensure precise archwire cuts, each instrument showcases superior craftsmanship and usability. Elevate your orthodontic practice with instruments that provide unmatched control and accuracy, assisting you in delivering optimal patient care. Trust Five Star Ortho for instruments that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Don’t miss out on these October savings:

  • Buy 5 Wires Get 20% Off
  • Buy 5 Chains or Solitaires Get 20% Off
  • Buy 5 Get 20% Instruments

Head into the shop and save today! 


About Five Star Orthodontic

Welcome to Five Star Orthodontic Lab and Supply, a trusted name in orthodontic solutions for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality shines through our consistent assembly line approach, specialized technicians, and meticulous quality checks. We prioritize efficiency with pre-paid shipping and tracking, while our dedication to using top-notch materials and advanced techniques ensures unparalleled precision in appliance fabrication. With a highly experienced team and continuous investment in knowledge through extensive education, we offer an easy, one-stop solution for orthodontic supplies and exceptional lab services, making your job smoother and more efficient. Join us to experience over three decades of expertise and excellence in orthodontics.

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