The Wire Gauge & Archwires Part 1

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The Wire Gauge & Archwires Part 1

If you’re one of our doctors you’ve experienced the #FiveStarWay. We take a consultative approach – supporting our doctors with case consults, how to training videos, webinars and more. In this two-part series we take a look at how to use a Wire Gauge & differentiating between the types of archwires.

So, you may be asking yourself “how would this information come in handy when applied to your practice day-to-day?”

Has this ever happened to you?

Your Archwire rack is knocked off the counter and you’re stuck with different size wires all over the floor! We know the feeling and we’ve got you covered- enter The Wire Gauge.

The Wire Gauge is lightweight and made of stainless steel. This tool is used to measure round, square, and rectangular wires. This is your go to device to help verify wire sizes and maintain quality control. It’s simple – you’re able to place the wire into the wire slot and determine the right size.

Watch one of our experts Mike show you how to use the Wire Gauge to verify the size of your wire.

In part 2 of this series we will show you how to differentiate between the different types of wires. 

If you need to add a Wire Gauge to your toolkit just check out our shop here.

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