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The Five Star Customer Portal

Five Star is happy to announce the launch of our new Doctor friendly customer portal! In today’s fast-paced marketplace your time is important. Technology has changed the way we all do business. The speed of information available at our fingertips is changing the way business is done. We at Five Star want to be as efficient as possible for our doctors. We are happy to introduce our new customer portal to get doctors any info they need with a few clicks of a button! No longer will you call in with minor questions you need answering or wait to get an answer to your questions. Instead, register with our new portal and be able to find all the info you need!

After Registration

Once you register, you will have access to the following features:

— View all your cases and see case status, make comments to Five Star on each case if you have specific requirements. Set up alerts and notifications to inform when a new case is entered/invoiced/put on hold. The alerts and notifications can be specified as well, whether that be via an email alert, or even text alerts in real time. Also, if you want an alert that is an option via email or text message.

— Print Rx’s

— View tracking of your cases once shipped

— Pay any balance with a credit card on file, view your current balances and payments due, view statements and invoices.

To register, visit, then click on ‘Login’ under the ‘Portal Login’ tab to sign up and get registered. You are sent to our portal site and click the ‘REGISTER’ button at the top left. Fill out the six fields with your practice’s info and you are ready to go! We’ve included a user guide on our site to help walk you through the process and we’re always here to help! Contact us at 800-521-2351. Ask for Jake if you have any issues setting up.

NOTE: In order to register, you must have an account established with Five Star Orthodontic Laboratory & Supply. To establish an account, please complete the New Account Form and email it to We will then contact you to complete your account setup.

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